The Mowbray family lived in a time of great upheaval and strife.

Was their involvement in it accidental - or by design?


At the King's Command

A young knight reluctant to obey. A murderer sworn to secrecy. A dangerous truth drenched in blood.


At age eleven, Argyle dreams of chivalry and adventure. But when a most unlikely adversary kills Argyle’s master, he is forced to realise that real life is a far cry from his childhood fantasies.


Reluctantly, Argyle accepts a royal command that sends him on a dangerous quest for the truth. He must succeed to untangle his family from a bloody power struggle. But the more he learns, the more he doubts what he knows.


One thing is undeniable: If he reveals all a dynasty will collapse.

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Court of Deadly Whispers


Argyle Mowbray, knight and nobleman, has fallen into disgrace, the suspect of treason and fraternising with the enemy.


When the King takes a child bride, Argyle glimpses the opportunity to return to favour and secure a peaceful existence at the outskirts of courtly life. But when a ghost returns from the grave, Argyle knows what he desires most can never be his.


When the vengeful King of England throws down his gauntlet and challenges his past demons, the destiny of thousands shifts. As the heads roll and blood spills, a traitor slips between the royal sheets.


Argyle is forced to realise that, sometimes, chivalry can lead to only one destination; death.


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A Web of Lies


Argyle Mowbray wakes up bludgeoned and bloody. He has no idea where he is or how he got there.

Slowly, the pieces of Argyle’s nightmare puzzle fall into place, revealing an unravelling King, an enemy returned to claim more than what is his by rights, and a royal secret that threatens to tear England apart. 

Determined that, this time, he will learn the truth, Argyle turns his back on England to honour a promise made twice. Once on his sister’s deathbed, and once to a woman whose husband was notorious for his double-dealings.

When Argyle is dragged to Paris in shackles, he has but one choice if he wants to earn his freedom and protect his family.

Retrieve King Charles’ beloved daughter or die trying.


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Shield of Blood

How does a French beggar boy end up setting in motion a series of events that will resound through the centuries? That will upset the delicate balance of a kingdom, a family and a dynasty.

Even in his wildest dreams, Edmund cannot imagine what life has in store for him.

It takes a death, a war set to last a hundred years, and a crumbling line of Kings, before Edmund realises that fate has put the future of England in his hands.

But what fate has not foreseen is just what kind of a man Edmund is – or what he intends to unleash.

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