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Hi! How excited am I that you've decided to stick around and try to figure out who I am?

Anyway, you must have a thousand questions - or thereabouts - let's see, if I can guess some of them.

  1. Nationality? Easy one - I'm Danish
  2. Interests? Swimming like a mermaid, but, to be fair, my true passion is books ... what a surprise, right?
  3. Habits? Let's stick to those, I'm proud of: chocolatecoffee (just try it), writing, reading and learning
  4. Why England? Self-professed Anglophile at your service
  5. Why the Mowbray's? Bit of a coincidence really - I needed a noble family, and Thomas sparked my interest
  6. How many books? On my shelves or of my own? Well, too many to count on the shelves, and at least 4 in production
  7. Why not Denmark? Oh, our history is fascinating to be sure, maybe some day I'll write about that
  8. Did you always want to be a writer? Just between you and me, I'm a copywriter by trade - so yeah, probably
  9. Pet-peeves? Chalk on board, raw-food and people referring to themselves as unicorns - it's sad really
  10. Fav' authors? At random: Stephen King, Philippa Gregory, C.J. Sansom, Carlos Ruiz Zafón ... and all the others

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