Epic Fantasy

The Warrior

- Book One of the Memorian Prophecies

Can Lysena’s only child assassin save the world?


When Tria decided to throw away her freedom to save her new friend, she never imagined she would end up serving a master of deception.


Now, Tria is stuck between two worlds. One that is dying and one that is trying to kill her. The only one standing between her and death is the dangerous Magician. His mission is to turn her into the most fearsome weapon the world has ever seen.


As an ancient prophecy looms ahead, Tria is forced to make a choice. Bow to her master’s dominion and offer him unbridled power - or strike against him to save the world from eternal damnation?

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The Touched One

- Book Two of the Memorian Prophecies

Aiden is heir to the biggest merchant empire in Lysena. And still, meeting a little girl with a knack for stealing is the best thing that ever happened to him - or the worst.

When his friend leaves him for dead in Underworld, a strange, unnatural place, Aiden vows to spend the rest of his miserable life clawing his way back home.

In a world full of monsters, the greatest of them all becomes the father, Aiden never wanted. But being loved by a madman is a dangerous gift in Underworld, and Aiden is forced to fight for his life surrounded by foes and fickle allies. One purpose guides him.

To get revenge. To take a life. To kill her.

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The Destroyer

- Book Three of the Memorian Prophecies

Lingan’s fate was cast long ago: “A girl of raven hair. A boy touched by fate. And he who sees all. Find them all and reclaim your rightful place in the world.”


As he seeks to reclaim his lost powers and dreams of vengeance, the three he seeks fall into his lap.

One becomes his apprentice, molded in his image. One is set on a wicked path far beyond Lingan’s influence. And one is torn from his grasp just as he is ready to make his move.


Lingan is forced acknowledge that to reclaim his power he must make the ultimate sacrifice.

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The Dreamwalker

- Book Four of the Memorian Prophecies

Caleb has the most extraordinary mind in Lysena – and hidden within it a gift his father made him promise to keep secret.


When his mind begins to break apart, Caleb fears he is going mad, like so many of his kind did before him. But reality is about to get a lot more complicated than the simple fear of losing his mind.


Dragged into a nightmare made of metal by the fierce and secretive Tria, it is not long before Caleb’s unhinged memories begin to make sense in a startling and brutal way.


Walking a world made of dreams and ghosts, Caleb is finally able to unlock the secret he stowed away as a child. That he is the only thing standing between the salvation of the world - and its doom.

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The Liberator

- Book Five of the Memorian Prophecies

An ancient foretelling. A lost soul. An enemy rising.


Ella is a stranger in a strange place. Her past is as much a mystery to herself as it is to the people who saved her and nursed her back to health.

It takes a visit from her dark past to resurrect the girl she used to be, and the call of a cursed friend to set her on a path that has been foretold since the Breaking of the World.

Woefully unprepared for what lies ahead, Ella has to navigate a reality where everyone has their own agendas and no one is quite who they seem to be.

One thing is certain, if Ella fails the worlds will die.

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The Resurrected

- Book Six of the Memorian Prophecies

A merciless mistress. An ill-fated feud. A tomb unsealed.


While all of the prophesied converge on the Waste, a tower rises from the dunes. Within dwells an ancient creature hellbent on revenge.

In the South, Lingan readies his army and clings to a hope that Tria will prove to be everything he has ever hoped – and more. Aiden settles old scores in Underworld and receives a gift he never wanted, but which may change the outcome of the oncoming battle. Meanwhile, Mila and Caleb are both drawn to the Dolendar Tower, heeding the golden call from a woman who may well be their undoing.

In a powerplay for supremacy, hidden armies, returned warriors and a web of lies span the flakes of a broken world. Everything points to just one place. One battlefield. And one enemy.

The Empress returns to claim her throne or destroy the worlds.

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The Avenger

- Book Seven of the Memorian Prophecies

Playing deadly mind games with a ruthless immortal is nothing new for Tria.

After the cataclysm, Tria finds herself in a half-destroyed palace, a prisoner of Brenwyn, cut off from everyone and everything else. How did this happen?

Fighting Brenwyn’s corrupting magic every step of the way, Tria does what she does best: She perseveres. But her strength has become brittle after losing her Elements, especially as there is no sign of the other immortal who swore a blood oath to protect her. When Tria breaks, her actions upend the fragile balance established between the denizens in Brenwyn’s palace.

Never before has the situation been so grim for Tria and Aiden. Only this time, they are dragging Harpist and even Brenwyn herself down with them. Violence, brutality and intrigue rule the palace, and escape seems impossible.

Only one thing is certain. If they stay, they will surely die.

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The Redeemer

- Book Eight of the Memorian Prophecies

The world is doomed and nobody seems to know.


Lingan finally achieved what he has aspired to all his life: Ultimate power. A throne to sit on, a world to rule. Yet his victory tastes like ash.


Caleb has only a thousand days left to save the world. As time is ticking away, there is no other option but to forge an alliance with the most dangerous creature in the newly formed world.


Slipping between the shadows, Tria and Aiden yearn to finish what they started. Their allegiance is pushed to the limit when one of them does something the other could never have imagined.


The life and death of the entire reborn world and everyone in it hangs in the balance, suspended between a vindictive immortal, a god reborn and a mortal hell bent on redemption.

In this final instalment of The Memorian Prophecies the stakes are higher than ever.

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M.H. Milrem grew up in a tiny Danish hamlet, picturesque in all its rural tranquility. She often wonders how such a healthy, wholesome upbringing could bring about the dark and sometimes gruesome tales that thrive in her imagination. Perhaps it is in spite of all the loveliness that surrounds her to this day, or perhaps it is because of it that she allows the darkness to encroach.

In her spare time, she reads anything from horror and epic fantasy to historical fiction and Illustrated Science. She is a firm believer that there is inspiration to be had - and read - in the strangest of places.

She’s always excited to talk about anything from mocha and cats to sea bathing and - of course - the entire Memorian universe on Instagram @mhmilrem. For news, updates and a detailed map of the Memorian Prophecies’ world, sign up for her newsletter